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Who We Are

Storm Guard in Appalachia

Storm Guard is a trusted name in the insurance restoration and exterior contracting industry. For over a decade, Storm Guard has specialized in exterior insurance restoration for roofing, siding, windows, gutters, and emergency tarping services.

The Storm Guard “Way” is the spirit running through the core of our entire organization. Simply stated, our clients’ peace of mind, and restoration of their property in the aftermath of a damaging storm, is paramount. As a trusted contractor, we will always strive to help ease our clients’ burden with the utmost in quality insurance and construction expertise.

Link Koontz – Business Owner

After working for years in the defense of our nation both state side and abroad I have decided to narrow my focus and help my local friends and neighbors. Storm Guard provided just this opportunity in their mission to protect customers and their greatest investments.

I am proud to bring Storm Guard’s unique approach and advanced skill set to the western North Carolina mountains.

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